Shut Up and Pray!

    Hubby tries to make sure I have everything I need, but date nights aren’t a priority of his. I enjoy spending time with hubby - without the boys. I’ve talked about this way too much over the years, and my dissatisfaction was turning sour. Miss Flesh wanted to give hubby a piece of her mind, but instead, I was led to shut up and pray.

Friday afternoon, hubby called and asked if I wanted to go to dinner and a movie. Wow! I was excited and wanted to call my sister, my prayer partner, and a few other people, but I new better. Thank God I didn’t because Friday and Saturday passed and I didn’t see dinner or a movie. All I saw was mean and ugly on my face and in my heart.  Sunday came with no mention of dinner. Shut up and pray…shut up and pray!  My prayer was to show love – in spite of how I felt. Grrrrrr…

Coming home from church, I was reminded that Christians don’t battle with the flesh, but there are wicked forces out there trying to kill, still, and destroy my relationship with hubby. Miss Flesh wanted to sarcastically ask what happened to her dinner and movie, but was led to once again, shut up and pray; so I did. We pulled into the garage and hubby told the boys to go in the house because he and I were going somewhere. Yep, hubby took me out to eat. Miss Flesh wanted to ask about the movie, but I was so full and happy, I was ready to go home. I thanked God all the way home. I also let hubby know how appreciative I was for our long overdue date.  

Life Lesson – Knowing when to shut up and pray allows God to show His power and increases my faith. God doesn’t need my help and hubby doesn’t need my lip talk (nagging).