I hate to say it, but it looks like Secondborn will have the teenage blues worse than Firstborn ever had them.  Mr. Sunshine, Mr. Smiley, the example of Jesus in our home has taken a small detour down moody lane. I'm sure he'll be back...yeah, he'll be back....won't he? Pleeease, come back!  He started early because he won't be 13 for another six months. I guess this is the prep stage (smile).

This morning I don't know if I got on his nerves or if he got on mine worse, but I knew we needed some space between us, so instead of driving him to his bus stop, I let him walk - again. When he walked off, I noticed he had not brushed his hair, so I politely asked him if he brushed it and he mumbled back into the house. Uh....I'm just trying to help you.

Sometimes teens just want to be left alone. Sometimes they don't want our help. Sometimes they don't want to hear our voices - although they need us. day at a time! 

I try not to send my boys off to school with me talking at them and correcting them, but this morning was one of those mornings. I'm sure it won't be the last time, but I THANK GOD for Firstborn and the initiation he gave me into the teen years.  It's time to pull out my secret weapon that always works like a charm. When they do something that doesn't make ANY sense or it seems like they are deliberately trying to get a reaction from you....DON'T REACT, SMILE, and SING IF NECESSARY!'s going to be a great day!