Be Gone Busyness!

 With a few weeks left in December, I already have appointments and speaking engagements scheduled for the month of January. I promised myself I would not commit to busyness, but productivity – there is a difference. I don’t want a plate filled with non productive events simply to appease someone else’s agenda. I want to be used by God instead of using God for personal gain or to validate my busyness.  I would be crazy and divorced if I agreed to each request I received.
I have to remind myself that only what I do for Christ will last. My family is my first ministry and having two active sons in separate schools and a high maintenance husband is a full time job requiring much overtime; there is little room for much else. Not having time to rest, renew my mind, enjoy my sons, spend quality time with hubby, and especially spend consecrated, contemplated time with my Creator is a sure sign of my busyness. Busyness isn’t a symbol of importance, yet reminds me my priorities are a little off.  Jesus was a simple man – never rushed and always about His Father’s business. I need to be about my Father’s business also. I’m not so important that I can’t be replaced, so it’s important I allow God to order my steps in everything I’m asked to do and activities I desire to participate in. One helpful tool I use is remembering I’m in control of my stress level. I create my own busyness; therefore I have a choice to make with each request…busyness or productivity?