Why Me?

 Steven Spielberg’s, The Color Purple, is my favorite movie and I’ve always wanted to see the Broadway play. I’ve followed the tour on the Internet, but it’s either logistics, finances, or timing which prevents me from attending. As I listen to others say they’ve attended and how great the play was, a small ‘why me’ lingers in my mind.

I strive to be obedient, loving, and surrender my life, so why, Lord? Why can’t I have something as simple as being able to see The Color Purple?

I continued to follow the play and eventually forgot about it. Over the weekend, someone who had no idea of my love for the movie informed me the play was coming to my city. I was ecstatic! I’d finally get to see the play after what seemed like years of following it on the Internet.

I remembered how I questioned God’s will for my simple request. God’s timing is never ‘on time’ for us, but is always ‘on time’ for His plan for us. Not only is the play coming to my city, but I was offered two free tickets.  I choose to believe this special blessing, with my name on it, is from My Heavenly Father.

Waiting on God is difficult to do, but He delivers in the most awesome ways.The timing for me to attend the play is perfect in every aspect. God knows exactly what, when, and how is best for us.

I still ask, “Why me, Lord?”  This is an extra special gift and I dare not say I deserve this, but accept it and recognize it as a personal symbol of God’s tender mercy and grace of a simple desire. Thank you, Lord

In 2011, I will continue living in bold obedience... knowing God knows what is best for me. He loves me in spite of me.