Cut Your Own Toenails!

A couple days ago, I noticed Firstborn was in desperate need for a pedicure, so I told him to cut his toenails. When he walked out of the room, hubby and I had this brief conversation.

Hubby: "I thought you cut the boys' toenails."

Me: " WHAT?"  "You're kidding right?"

Hubby: "You use to."

Me:  "OH MY GOD!  Yeah, I use to cut them WHEN THEY WERE TODDLERS WITH CUTE FEET! Where have you been the past few years? Those feet are no longer cute!"

I sure hope hubby wasn't hinting that he wanted me to give him a pedicure. I did this for hubby once in my love is blind days. Sorry, I can see clearly now and you'll have to cut your own toenails. LOL!