Look Behind You

 It seems like just yesterday I wrote about facing the unknowns of 2010 and the year is almost gone. If I had looked through a crystal ball to see what I had to endure this past year, I would have cried and questioned God’s plan for my life, but I’m still standing! I made it! Looking back, it was a piece of cake, but there were some rough storms to weather.  My marriage, my children, my peace, finances, faith, and even a few friendships were tested. I would have gladly welcomed the easy road this year, but I’m one of God’s hard headed daughters and very little is learned in good times. God really does know what is best for me – especially when He waits until the eleventh hour to answer my calls for help. Trying to make things happen and manipulate God’s plan for my life only made matters worse. As I prepare to face the unknowns of another year, all I have to do is look behind me. When I look behind me, I see how God has ALWAYS been there for me. Things ALWAYS work out, so there should be no fear in the upcoming year. When situations arise which invite the spirit of doubt, I must look behind me and remember God’s promises. I’m more than a conqueror!  God knows what is best for me! He said He would never leave me!  He is faithful! He is my Protector! He is my Healer! God loves me and knows exactly what I need and when I need it. He is my sufficiency in all things! So, whatever today, tomorrow, or the next year holds, look behind you and be assured that everything is already alright!