Stick Like Glue

We are deep into the first month of the year and it’s time to check on New Year Resolutions, New Year Intentions, or whatever we call our vow to change.  I didn’t make a resolution, but my word for this year is ‘abide’.  The reason all my past resolutions never came to fruition is because I tried. Trying only led to failure, but when I finally realized the answer was not to try, but to surrender, things happened. Although it may be a simple word choice, being completely conscious of my lack of ability to do anything outside of God’s power is crucial. Even to be a little better today than I was yesterday, I must surrender my will and abide with God. Abiding is resting, dwelling, or as I refer to it… sticking like glue. I tried to write a book, but it didn’t get published until I stopped trying and surrendered my will. Staying married is a result of (continual) surrender. My son’s improvement in grades is a result of my surrender. My perseverance to exercise is a result of surrender. Keeping my mouth shut is definitely a result of surrendering. An awareness of my boundaries and not taking control of every situation is surrender.  Abiding reminds me to surrender and reminds me of God’s power and my lack of.  Abiding allows my flesh to be still. Abiding keeps my thoughts on His super and not my natural. Abiding has changed my raggedy mindset to one a little more stable!  Instead of becoming discouraged because of my inability to make changes in my life or someone else’s life, I’ll stop trying and surrender the situation to God. To surrender is the door to success and abiding is the key. Step by step – day by day – we can do it if we abide – stick like glue.