My Funeral

The boys and I heard the song, Mama, by Boys II Men while driving around yesterday and Secondborn told me he might sing that song at my funeral. After I smiled, he emphasized the word ‘might’ because he didn’t want me to get my hopes up – as if I would know if he would actually sing the song or not. I laughed, yet it presented a wonderful life lesson. I explained to Secondborn how much I enjoyed his singing and how I would enjoy it more while I was alive. I’ve always been amazed at how death, a funeral, or even sickness reminds us of our love for someone. Why don’t we love on purpose? Is it because we take advantage of life itself or do we believe we’re promised tomorrow? I know I need to hug my boys more. I know I should speak my husband’s love language more. I also need to tell my own parents how much I love and appreciate them more. No special day is needed nor is a grand program required – just do it – love on purpose – love everyone.  Mothers tend to get so busy with life and wrapped up in the role of motherhood that we forget the power of the love we possess. The power we have to influence through our actions and the power we have to encourage through our words goes beyond expression. Our love is God’s love. Later that evening, I helped Secondborn with his History project and he was all smiles. He appreciated my help so much, he even sang a little while he worked. Although I was dog tired and really didn’t feel like helping, I was alive and enjoyed hearing him sing!