I Love Me

Thigh toners, breast enhancers, lip puffers, abdominal rollers, butt boosters, and weight watchers are just a few commercials trying to convince me to improve my body.  Thank God I’m old enough to know better, but my younger years tell a different story.  I was skinny and had very skinny legs. I would sit in the mall with my younger sister and make her compare my legs to those of other girls’. I didn’t like my body and would wear baggy clothes to hide my frame. I was taller than everyone and walked slumped over in an attempt to be shorter. It’s a shame we place so much emphasis on our physical body and then pass this physical obsession on to our daughters (and sons).  All women want to look and feel pretty, but the essence of who we are is much deeper than our physical attributes. Our height and weight is not what matters, but our character and our inner spirit is. How our spirits connect with each other and how we touch each other’s lives is what our memory should register – not the memory of one’s hair style. Loving me was a process and I believe age had a lot to do with it, but wouldn’t it be great if we taught our children how God created them just the way He wanted them? I guess we would have to believe this for ourselves before we teach it.

Yes, God created you and shaped you to be different – there is no one like you! You are unique and special in your own way. You were wonderfully made. You were created with beauty and specific purpose. Everything about you was meant to bring God glory.  You are the daughter of a loving King and His loving Spirit lives within you; therefore, you should love yourself! Look past your skin and recognize your spirit within! Remember, as wives and mothers, before we can love others, we must love ourselves first. 

I love me!