Don't Shoot The Messenger!

 Last Friday, while working in the concession stand at Firstborn’s school, my foot began to cramp. The pain was horrible and one of the other mothers told me I wasn’t drinking enough water.  I was a little irritated and embarrassed because she admonished me for something I preach to other women all the time. Drink water! Drink water! She even told me in front of a couple of other women – good grief.  Foot cramps occur for many reasons, but she was right – I had not consumed enough water that particular day. Instead of immediately drinking water, I silently pouted because she corrected me. She was only helping me, but my pride got in the way.  My fragile emotions didn’t allow me to embrace what God was doing at that moment – giving me help.  Women don’t always embrace the counsel of other women, but if we realize she may be God’s messenger, her words may be easier to receive.  If another woman lovingly says our dress is too short or too tight, accept it. If we’re told we are complaining too much, accept it. If we’re told we should smile more or that we aren’t being friendly, accept it. If we’re told we need to exercise, eat healthier, or drink more water, accept it! Of course, we naturally consider the source, but if we are allowing God to order our steps, other women cross our paths to strengthen and encourage us – to help us.   We often hesitate in admonishing one another because of our reactions. How many times have you heard or said, “You tell her!” Let’s attempt to receive the words God sends us. We obviously don’t listen when He tells us Himself! What’s the popular phrase? “Don’t shoot the messenger!”

By the way, make sure you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water today – I sure will.