The Perfect Recipe


The boys requested hot wings for our family Super Bowl Party, so since I’ve made them before, I decided to save a penny and make them myself again. They both anticipated finger lickin’ hot wings and I looked forward to making them. I chose a very simple recipe, but it wasn’t enough sauce for the amount of wings I had, so I began to add more ingredients - without following the recipe. Big mistake! I thought the sauce was too hot, so I attempted to tone down the heat with ingredients that weren’t in the original recipe. Big mistake! The more I added to the sauce, the worse the sauce tasted. Secondborn, my little chef, tasted the sauce and said, “Mama, what did you do to it?”  I was so upset at myself for not following the recipe. In my frustration, a Life Lesson for LaVender surfaced. God has a plan, a perfect recipe, for my life. Instead of trying to manipulate His plan and do my own thing, I need to follow His recipe. My desires, lack of patience, and inability to see the bigger picture only messes up the recipe. Follow the recipe, LaVender, you don’t know what you’re doing! Sometimes God will add a little more heat to His plan (the recipe) than we desire, but we must endure. He’ll even add a little more flavor than expected, just trust His recipe! Just because the recipe doesn’t look appealing doesn’t mean the end product won’t be gratifying. Follow the recipe! I never expected to receive a life lesson while making hot wings but it was a spicy one. Firstborn and hubby said the hot wings were delicious and ate them up – thank goodness! I didn’t follow the recipe, but God added a special ingredient – grace! Sweet, Jesus! Even when we veer from His recipe, He has a way of working with the mess we make. Wouldn’t it just be easier to follow the original recipe in the first place?