Last night, Secondborn said, “I wish I didn’t have to go to school tomorrow.” Oh boy, here we go again and he’s starting early.  I would love to hear someone in my home say, “Thank God, it’s Monday!” Well, I guess that person will have to be me. We have the power to make our day and today I choose to look upon this new Monday with a new attitude. Thank God it’s Monday! Thank God for another chance to get my attitude right! Thank God for another Monday to see my husband and children.  What about you? Is there something you have to be thankful for this Monday morning? Thank God for a job! Thank God for food! Thank God for a car! Thank God for sight to read this meditation! Thank God for life – health – strength! Thank God it’s Monday! In spite of what happened over the weekend, in spite of our present circumstances, in spite of our funky mood, let’s thank God for TODAY – TGIM! Tuesday is not promised to us, so let’s thank God NOW!  Someone didn’t wake up this morning. It’s Monday and we’re alive! I make no apologies for sounding like I’m preaching this Monday morning, but I have never heard anyone say, ‘TGIM’. What a great way to start the week off – in appreciation and full of thanksgiving! I dare you to TGIM and I double dare you to say it to someone else. Those words may be exactly what someone may need to change the outcome of their day; it sure changed mine! Secondborn will probably need a little help this morning, so I’ll share this with him as soon as I see his happy face (smile). TGIM!