Mama, I'm Hungry!

 Unlike his younger brother, Firstborn attempts to save his money, but his strong desires of unnecessary wants usually get the best of him. 

I place money in his lunch account to last him a couple of weeks. Lunch is $2.50 a day, so anything he purchases over that amount is taken from another day's lunch. I recently checked his account and sure enough there were days he spent $3.00 and even $4.00. I know you're a growing boy, but you're going to be hungry for a couple of days! As hard as it was not to give him extra money, I didn't - I couldn't!  He had to make and take his own lunch or go hungry. Firstborn decided to go hungry. Auuuugh! 

"Mama, I'm hungry!" rang in this Mama's ears all day long. 

His first day without lunch money, he said he went to his football coach's office and ate two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He loves peanut butter and jelly and the coach always has an ample supply for the team.  Today is the second day and it killed me to not give him a couple of dollars, but the lesson is more important. One day, he'll be off in college or wherever he is and needs to know if you have X amount of dollars to last you the month, you better make X amount of dollars last!

I'll see today if it was another peanut butter and jelly day because once again he chose not to take his lunch to school. I could have made it for him, but that's another there something wrong with your hands?