No Chocolates, Please!

  Hubby knows not to come home with flowers or chocolates on Valentine’s Day. It would upset me more than anything to receive a box of chocolates when I crave chocolate throughout the year. Why do I have to wait for Valentine’s Day? I’d rather have sushi than flowers and he is the only teddy bear I want to sleep with. Needless to say, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’d rather save myself possible disappointment and save hubby some heartache. In the book, “We Snap in Silence” , I mention how women sometimes expect a love from our husband that he is humanly incapable of giving. We wait for special holidays to receive a prompted gift, card, or any small token of love. The truth is, the love we desire is not in our home, but it’s in our heart. Think about this…God created love; God is love, so why do we seek His love from a man? No wonder we’re always emotionally bruised. We expect something that can’t be delivered. The carnal love we share is a surface love - it doesn’t last.  We have to work hard to keep the fire burning, but God’s love is everlasting! He comforts us and loves us like no one else can. God wants us to love Him back with our whole heart and wants His love to flow freely through us – everyday. Our children are watching us! Are we showing God’s love? Did we show love yesterday? How about when we feel unappreciated and taken advantage of in our home? Do we show God’s love or do we show out? Well, regardless of how we choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day – or not, remember… our first and only true love is the Creator of love – God. Remember to first love yourself and have a very special day of love – today and everyday!