Cleaning My Plate

I’ve been recently employed by Secondborn to assist with his cookie business, I have a teenager who is a sophomore athlete needing Mama’s extra encouragement and attention as he transitions to adulthood, both boys are active in sports and weeknights are late with practices, I have a high maintenance husband wanting all my attention, I have three or four active blogs, I have the Momsweb meditation I’m supposed to send out every Monday, I have a book I’d like to market a little more and others I’d like to get published, I have speaking engagements coming up, and you want me to do what and go where? My plate is about to crack again, so I must begin scrapping the things not served by God. I find this happening to me at least twice a year, but this time I’ve noticed the crack before it split in half. 

A mother’s job is full time and I only have two children. God help the woman with more and God please give an extra ounce of grace to the single mother!  Please don’t misunderstand me. I can fit anything I want in my schedule. I can MAKE IT HAPPEN, but why? I create our own stress, and God knows I can create some stuff to do! I can plan an event in a hot minute, start another business, volunteer, assist, and try to be involved in other beneficial causes, but why? Allowing God to order my steps allows Him to make the decisions for me regarding what and what not to get involved in.  What a relief! Today alone is full, but staying in God’s will allows me to rest in Him and not complain about a busyness I’m capable of creating.  As for me and my house, I choose to live in peace and maintain my peace of mind! 

If your plate is about to crack, scrape a few things will go on!