I drove Firstborn and three of his teammates to the gym to play basketball Saturday. Instead of dropping them off, I decided to save gas and sit and watch - I watched for two and a half hours. They were hungry afterwards and wanted to eat, so Mom’s taxi found an economical place for them to spend their money. While they ordered and waited for their food, I sat in the car and watched them. My shift ended at their school’s track meet. It was too cold for me, so I watched from the car – I watched for two hours.  Where was hubby during all of this? Secondborn had a similar schedule, so hubby was also busy watching and waiting. Parents spend a lot of time watching their children and I’m sure those of you with adult children can share stories of your own. I was reminded of someone who watches more than us…God!  God watches us with loving eyes just as a mother does except He doesn’t count hours or watch the clock. He even watches while we sleep! To think of being watched from a child’s perspective gives a new sense of security. It makes me feel extra special to know my Heavenly Father watches me with undivided attention. I can’t watch my sons 24/7, nor do I desire to, but God can and does.  He watches and ensures my safety and wellbeing. Just as a mother’s eyes are the frontline to prevention of harm and danger to her children, so are the eyes of God on us. I truly dwell in a secret place. Minute by minute – day by day…I’m being watched! The next time I complain of having to watch and wait, I’ll think of who is watching me - without a mumbling word. Have a marvelous Monday and remember….God is watching!