Dirty Emotions

A few things will always be needed from a wife and mother – a meal, sex, and clean laundry. Of course, there are others, but these reign supreme in my head.  As the children grow older, their dependency decreases, but it appears the husband’s need increases. We know we’re expected to provide these never-ending needs, so it’s best to establish a coping mechanism early in the game to maintain our peace of mind. I’ve been married for seventeen years and a mother for fifteen and my coping skills didn’t kick in until it was almost too late. I pray I remember the younger women as I transition through my seasons of motherhood. Young mothers or newly married women may have difficulty finding their joy on some days, and they need to know it’s OKAY! We are guaranteed days of dirty emotions just as we are guaranteed days of dirty dishes and laundry. I call them dirty emotions, because we tend to hide our dirt to keep from being judged or out of embarrassment. Trust me, the woman who judges you owns her share of dirt also; she just hides it well.  We all endure dirty emotions and thank God they don’t last forever; they’ll get cleaned right along with the dishes and laundry. Dirty emotions usually occur out of exhaustion from burning the candle at both ends and neglecting our SELF. Before we take care of anyone, it’s crucial we take care of the caretaker. If not, the dirty emotions will surface again and again (just like dirty laundry) leaving us feeling neglected and used.  Take a break, learn to have mental retreats if you can’t get away, take a nap to renew your mind, love and nurture yourself as you love and nurture others. Begin this week lovin’ you and watch the dirt fall from your emotions. It’s OKAY to love your SELF! 

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