I Broke The Law

 This morning was the first day I didn't press my imaginary breaks or grab something to hold onto as Firstborn drove to school. Besides the right front tire kissing the curb of the school upon our arrival and the taxi in front of us that I thought Firstborn was passionately trying to be a backseat passenger with, he did okay! Whew! 

He received his permit a few weeks ago, yet I must admit I broke the law several times prior to him receiving his permit. In order to save my firstborn from the fiery fumes of his father's teachings, I made sure he knew how to drive before driving with his father. I didn't want my dear son to come home in tears because Papa Bear had no patience with him. Yeah, I did it. I broke the law and took a chance just to save my baby some heartache.

The first time hubby drove with Firstborn, he was shocked (hee-hee). I had to admit I taught him how to drive without his permit and hubby couldn't believe his sweet, Christian wanna be wife broke the law. Hubby calls me Straight Lace because I do everything in my power to follow rules and regulations, but when it comes to my babies....there is no telling what I might do!