Burger King Doesn't Want Me!

After eight years of retirement life, being a happy homemaker and homeschooling mom, I’m on a job search. I’ve completed several online applications to jobs that ‘fit’ my criteria. After receiving several rejections, I applied to Burger King. Can you believe Burger King didn’t want me either! This job search has definitely been a humbling experience.  After I retired, I said I would never work outside the home and here I am eating my words. Both boys are in public school and I’m still at home. I love having dinner hot and ready at 3 p.m. every day and greeting my three men one by one. What a life! Well, my ‘what a life’ has been stirred. I really don’t want to leave my warm, cozy home and I love watching everyone else play the 9-5 game, yet I’m applying for jobs like I’m in a trance. Hubby doesn’t care if I work or not, so what’s up with this, Lord and what’s up with all the rejections? Burger King, are you serious? Well, I recently heard of a few other jobs that ‘fit’ my criteria. I applied and now I wait. I’m not waiting on a phone call, but on God. This whole process is a life lesson. My blind faith is being sharpened, my pride pruned, and my obedience tried. I realized my job search isn’t about a job at all, but about the journey. Through my many rejections, I learned that if I continue to look for the end result, the grand prize job, I’ll miss the journey. Life is a journey! Whether it is getting a job, a raise, having a child, children graduating, getting married, or retiring…we miss out on life waiting for an end result. End results don’t always end up the way we want them, but the journey is full of life! I’ll keep you posted on my job search, but until God moves me, I’m enjoying my life! What a life!