My Search Has Ended

While visiting my parents over the weekend, my mother dragged me to her friend’s yard sale, which was held in an empty parking lot.  Her dear friend was selling items her deceased mother left behind. A mid-sized U Haul truck pulled up packed with items to be sold. We helped unload the truck full of clothes with tags still on them, countless boxes of shoes and hats, dishes, linen, kitchen ware, and so many other items. Unloading the truck brought my recent job search to mind. The bottom line is… I want more money. Do I need the money? Well, everyone can use extra money, but I don’t need the money. All my needs are met. My bills are getting paid – some may be paid late, but they get paid. We always have food and to be honest, we eat too much. We don’t have enough closet space for our clothes and we have transportation. What else do I need? My heart truly wants to be at home using the gifts God gave me, but the opportunity to make more money stole my heart. More money means more stuff. More stuff will require a U Haul truck that can’t go with me when I die. My unusual job search journey showed me I wasn’t as content as I thought I was. The U Haul truck reminded me my heart is at home. My job search has officially ended. If God wants me to work outside the home, He’ll have to drop a job in my lap - literally. I’m back on track seeking His face instead of the face of a new boss or the face of dead presidents. It’s scary and sad how stuff can steal our heart from God. Subtle acts of idolatry aren’t easy to recognize.  God knew my heart from the beginning and the continuous resume rejections were actually blessings! I’m content being at home – where I belong and obviously where He wants me. Yes, my search has ended and thank God I didn’t get a job before the U Haul truck showed me the way back home!