Live Your Life!

I’m not a fan of cell phones, yet my Tracfone serves its purpose for urgent calls and I’ve been using the same 60 minutes for three months now. Keep this thought while I digress. Saturday morning, I awoke with unusual thoughts about my life. I have one life to live. One life – one shot – no second chance. My thoughts reminded me to take full advantage of all the opportunities given to me and grasp every minute. There are three people I don’t want at my funeral – Mr. Should Have, Miss Could Have, and Mrs. Would Have. My thoughts pricked my heart to be all I was created to be. These early morning thoughts about my life were received although the timing was somewhat strange to me.

Back to the cell phone.  Later Saturday, I noticed my Tracfone was flipped opened – yes I have the flip feature (smile). I didn’t even know I had a screen saver, but guess what words were traveling across the screen? The screensaver read…Live your life…Can you believe this? After having this Tracfone for over a year, this particular morning I was supposed to read those words. I excitedly told Hubby and the boys and Firstborn mentioned he created the screensaver when the phone was his…he has since upgraded. Talk about my Tracfone serving its purpose! No one seemed excited about the timing of my screen saver message except me, but it was meant for me – only me. Coincident?  No. God-incident! Everyday, I must live my life to the fullest. I must expect great things. I must expect the impossible. I must know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  I must focus.  I must live fearlessly without doubt. I must surround myself with like-minded people. I must allow the spirit of God to have His way in me, through me, and with me! I was created by God for God and my life is a gift! No more excuses – no more reservations – no more procrastination – no more! I must live my life…I only have one!  

Are you living yours? Happy Monday!