A woman’s body is stretched to hold and carry the seeds we conceive. Our bodies are stretched to deliver our bundles of joy. Our hearts are stretched to love our children. Our mercy is stretched to help and forgive our men. We are stretched from one end to the other meeting everyone’s needs. We stretch a dollar when we need to make ends meet. We stretch meals to feed others besides our family. We should stretch our muscles…it’s important as we age. We amazingly stretch all we do into 24 hours. We stretch our eyes to help with late night homework and projects.  Our energy is stretched when it’s time to turn into a sex machine. Our patience is stretched when our family doesn’t recognize we’ve been stretched. Our character is stretched as God draws us closer to Him. In the evening, we finally allow our bodies to rest as we stretch out.

This morning, I thanked God when my eyelids stretched open. I stood up, stretched out my arms to Him and received a fresh supply of His strength, energy, and power. My connection with my Power Source is secure and I’m ready for another day of stretching. Stretch, one, two, three, stretch! A woman’s ability to stretch in so many ways is amazing, yet it doesn’t compare to how our Lord stretched out His arms to die for us. Because He stretched, we can.