Out of Control

The stands were full of passionate fans, the players were physical, the score was close, and emotions were intense. I’ve watched Firstborn play many basketball games, but the energy from this game was like no other. The team and parents traveled three hours for a weekend tournament and this game determined if we played the championship game or not. I found myself feeding off the energy in the crowds. Miss Flesh was stirring strongly within me and having her way. I was yelling, waving my arms, correcting referees, and coaching from the stands like a mad woman.   I was out. of. Control.
A quiet voice inconspicuously ushered me out of the stands to sit near the entrance of the gym – alone. I was put in time out to regroup, refocus, and gain some self-control. I was also reminded by that quiet voice of how my surroundings influence me – I must always be aware. If I’m amidst gossip, I’m prone to gossip. If I’m amidst complacency, I’m prone to complacency. If I’m amidst mess, I’m prone to be messy. If I’m amidst out of control fans, I’m prone to be out of control. While sitting in my spiritual time out, I prayed as I watched the game. I wasn’t as fanatical and cheered like a mama with some sense. God didn’t want me to embarrass myself, Firstborn, or Him. We won the game, but lost the championship game. I was mentally exhausted, but thankful for my life lesson, which was timely for all the many activities filling the summer months. I must always be aware of my environment and my emotions – remembering who and whose I am. When school begins, football season starts and this mama is already excited, but because I don’t want to be in another time out, I will enjoy the game, yet practice self-control. Go Team!