My Pain

I was awakened at midnight with stomach cramps – not because of something I ate, but because I’m a woman. Yes, monthly cramps. I wondered why, at 48 years old, was I still entertaining Aunt Flo.  Give me a break! Because I was so disturbed and agitated, I thought about every other type of pain women endure.  Childbirth is another.  Woman was chosen to bear the children – in pain.  Even after the children are born, we endure further pain from our children as we continue to carry their pain in our hearts. Emotional pain is another. Woman was created with extra layers of emotions – we love hard and we hurt hard.  Spiritual pain is another. Church-goers or not, women passionately cry out to God as we seek help and guidance in keeping our home in tact and our family united. Think about it, how often do you see men cry out to God in public? Whether in church, a hospital, or in court, women aren’t afraid to cry out to our Heavenly Father for help and strength.
If pain, in fact, empowers us, we should be some extraordinary, empowered species. We are extraordinarily empowered! In order to withstand all the physical, spiritual, and emotional pain we experience, we have to be extraordinary and to put it plainly, man couldn’t handle the pain we shoulder.  The way they act with a simple cold is amusing. We may be the weaker vessel physically, but we sure are the stronger vessel in every other aspect – just my opinion.
By 1 a.m., my stomach pain subsided and I had a Monday Meditation to share. Pain empowers in ways we don’t expect! Instead of always asking for healing or deliverance from my pain, I should be asking what God wants me to learn from it or how I can be empowered through it. The popular saying is true – no pain, no gain! Pain strengthens, gives courage, and empowers - if we allow it to.