A while ago, Firstborn made me a CD with Earth, Wind, and Fire songs and yesterday, I played my favorite song, Devotion, over, and over, and over. I decided to look up the lyrics, so I could sing the correct words instead of only singing one word - devotion. The words are beautiful. I then looked up the word devotion. Devotion: 1. profound dedication; consecration. 2. earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc. 3. an assignment or appropriation to any purpose, cause. 4. Ecclesiastical, religious observance or worship; a form of prayer or worship for special use.

I began to think of my devotion – devotion to my husband, my sons, my talents, my church, my parents, my ministry, my temple, my life. My devotion and service in each of these areas are empty without giving God the devotion He desires from me. Doing what I do can become religious rituals without a true devotion to God – the One who has placed these people and things in my care. After my umpteenth time playing the song, Secondborn asked me if the group was a gospel group. Below are the words to the song, Devotion.

"Thru devotion, blessed are the children. Praise the teacher that brings true love to many. Your devotion opens all life’s treasures and deliverance from the fruits of evil. So our mission, to bring a melody, ringin’ voices sing sweet harmony. For you here’s a song, to make your day brighter. One that will last, you long through troubled days. Giving your heart the light to brighten all of the dark that falls in your way. You need devotion. Bless the children. Deliverance from the fruits of evil. In everyone’s life, there’s a need to be happy. Let the sun shine a smile your way. Open your heart, feel a touch of devotion. Maybe this song will help uplift your day, make a better way. You need devotion, bless the children…"

May your Monday be full of devotion – to God.