Last night, while hubby and I sat in the living room talking, the boys were nearby listening, yet focused on their gadgets. Firstborn was texting and Secondborn was on the computer.  I didn’t place emphasis on what they were doing, but I noticed how focused they were. If they can diligently focus on what they enjoy doing, they can use that same ability to focus on their school work – if they want to. The new school year has already started for many, but the bells will ring next week for us. I will remember the deep concentration the boys had on their gadgets when it’s time to focus on homework. The inability to focus definitely won’t be the problem, but distractions will be.

A distraction is anything that captures our attention from the task at hand. Whether the distraction is around us or in our own mind, we all deal with them. Exercise, work, cleaning, studying, spending time with God, or even having to change a diaper invites distractions - the Spirit of Distraction comes in many forms. This school year, I will have a different approach with the boys when dealing with their lack of desire to focus on their school work. I know they can do it – if they want to! I’ll have to help them recognize their distractions and explain how distractions work against them – against us. Distractions damage - distractions destroy – distractions disturb - distractions detour us from what God has called us to do.

Regardless of our age or what we’re doing, focusing is significant to success. As a wife and mother with so many of my own tasks and countless distractions, I must be an example to my children and fight the annoying Spirit of Distraction. I must focus, follow through, and finish what I’m called to do. I can do it – if I want to.