McDonald's Breakfast

Last night, Firstborn mentioned he wanted McDonalds for breakfast on his first day of school. I cook a hot breakfast every morning, but I listened to him talk about McDonald’s hash browns and some other grease-filled menu item. Firstborn knows his Mama is against fast food breakfast, so I wondered why he was going against the grain. He knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why McDonalds when you can have Mama’s hot breakfast? Instead of rocking the boat the night before school started, I asked him if he had money and we figured out what time we needed to leave the house to prevent being late for school. I even visited the McDonald’s website to read the nutrition facts of some of their breakfast items. I know; I’m a little anal about this. J

 Some children don’t eat breakfast at all and some eat junk for breakfast, so one morning of purchased grease wouldn’t hurt Firstborn - not even on the first day of school. If this is the motivation he felt he needed for the first day, so be it. I accepted this while being reminded that this school year will be full of battles and I refuse to jump in the ring with all of them. I don’t have the mental space or energy for each of them. McDonalds, you win! Firstborn will be in the 11th grade and has a maturing mind of his own. Although I’m his parent, I don’t want to go against the grain on every idea he has. I want to be a supportive parent and not one full of ego that has to have it my way – oh, that’s Burger King, huh? Anyway, I’m here to guide and train my children, not control and dictate. Some issues are major which will require me to put my foot down, and some are minor which will work themselves out – without Mama’s help. I’ll pray for discernment with these major and minor issues as I allow God to raise His children through me. Good grief, LaVender! Give the boy a break – even if it is at McDonald’s!

 Have a marvelous Monday and choose your battles!