To Yield Or Not To Yield To Temptation


This is the sound I heard in my ear all weekend as I enjoyed my high school class reunion. The psst was the call of temptation in my ear.  The planning committee went above and beyond what was necessary to set the stage for pure enjoyment and excitement; it was an awesome gathering. Not only did I see the faces of classmates I hadn’t seen in years, but I also saw the face of temptation – up close and personal. We all have a weakness and if the stage is set properly, we will be faced with a choice – to yield or not to yield. I love to dance and my body wanted to get down, get funky, and get loose - really loose. Thank God, I was able to dance like a lady and still have a ball. Did somebody say buffet? Delicious food was in abundance, yet I held back from eating all I could eat.  Is that Eddie? I had a crush on Eddie from junior high to high school and there he was in the flesh standing next to me. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Hubby knew all about Eddie and finally met my high school crush. I thanked hubby for coming to the reunion with me because temptation has a mind of its own – I live in the real world. Just because I love the Lord doesn’t mean I’m excused from being tempted by the lures of my weaknesses and Eddie was definitely a weakness back in the day. Talking to Eddie reminded me why I liked him so much. Miss Flesh was in my ear. “Psst…psst…you know you still like him. Psst…have dinner with him. Psssst..he has a boat and likes to fish, you love fish! Pssst…hug him again.” Whether our weakness is food, money, music, or men, we WILL be tempted and although sometimes difficult, the choice should be to yield not to temptation. Are you wondering what happened with Eddie?  Well, I got out of my own bed with my own husband - I made the right choice. I was not a prisoner of the moment. Eddie is where I left him – in my past. Have a marvelous Monday and yield not to temptation.