Be All You Can Be

I asked Firstborn if he had any ideas of what he wanted to do after high school and he said he didn’t know. Hmmm…Sweetie, you’re in the eleventh grade, you don’t have long. He then asked about the Army. I told him I only knew about the service I served in, the Navy. Of course I favor the Navy, but in times like these, I just want my children to have security – spiritual and financial security. 

Firstborn is only 15, so I’m not surprised he doesn’t have his life mapped out. I pulled up the Army website to view the available careers and also saw one of the Army commercials stating to be all you can be. I was thinking of myself more than Firstborn as I watched the commercial. Am I being all I can be? As a woman, wife, mother, servant of God, sister, daughter, friend, and writer, am I giving God my best? Am I in a position to allow God to pull everything out of me that He’s placed in me? Am I living at the optimum level I was created for? Just as I reminded Firstborn that he didn’t have long, I don’t have long on this wonderful planet Earth, so I better get it together. I can’t expect Firstborn to be all he can be if I’m not doing the same. As his mother, I should be able to boldly say, “Do as I do and as I say.” From the simplest of tasks to the most demanding, I must be an example – I must be all I can be.

It doesn’t matter how old we are, God is never finished with us. There is always another opportunity, another endeavor, and another chance – there is always a next in life! Today is a new day, let’s be all we can be – one day at a time!