A Day Off

My prayer partner and I were talking this morning about how difficult it is for mothers to get a day off. Unless we leave the house, there will always be something required or asked of us. I immediately thought about my Heavenly Father; He never gets a day off – never. I call on Him every day throughout the day and He always answers, but when I get tired of my family calling my name, I act like I don’t hear them. What if God took a day off? The thought alone is unsettling. 

It’s soooo easy to complain, but what do I have to complain about? Even when I’m tired, God restores my energy. When I’m frustrated with everyday household chores, He helps me to find the good in what I do. When I’m exhausted with homework and grades, He gives me the wisdom and strength for positive parenting – it’s not my homework anyway! When hubby acts like he can’t do for himself, God reminds me I’m his helpmate, not his mother - there is a difference! When I’m consistently asked to volunteer, God reminds me how simple it is to just say “no.” God is my sufficiency for every hat I wear.  

Once I realize I work specifically for Jesus and not the people around me, I won’t be so carnal minded and desire a day off, yet desire strength, energy, and power, to do what I’ve been entrusted to do. Instead of taking a day off, I’m taking a day off from complaining - again! Thank you, Lord for the ability to do what is required of me – one day at a time! I trust you to give me everything You already know I need – even a day off!