Consider Oral

Written by Susan Irwin of
Today, I wanted to risk annoying some of my Christian sisters by
being brutally honest about a "touchy subject" with many Christian

Over the past twelve years, I've received thousands of letters and
emails from Christian wives frustrated with their marriages and love
lives. They ask me questions like...
"Why isn't my husband more affectionate?"
"Why is he always 'ogling' other women?"
"Why doesn't he seem to care about MY needs, emotionally or
in bed?"
Now, sometimes, a wife is just stuck with a "stinker" for a husband.
He is truly just the type of man that is selfish and/or lazy and is
(probably) never going to magically turn into the husband of your
dreams. But, those husbands are the vast exception to the rule.
Most husbands do care about your happiness and base lots of their
personal self-esteem on whether they think you are happy or not.
But... they are also men.
And, whether you and I like it or not, there are certain "guy traits"
that are so deep and real that you just aren't going to change them
by just "wishing them away." You are going to (for your sanity) either
use these traits to your advantage... or let them continue to frustrate
you and make your marriage less fulfilling.
So, if you are (finally) ready to do something about your marital frustration,
I have a brutally honest suggestion for you...
Consider "oral."
Because I don't want to make this email super long, I won't delve into the
theology on this issue (the Bible fully endorses oral) or the male psychology
lesson, I'll just "cut to the chase"...Men are very oral.  
They (deeply) desire to give you oral and they (deeply)  desire for you to give it to them.
If you have tried to fool yourself into believing that your husband is different,
please... stop now. You're husband (as long as he has a pulse), if he were
100% honest with you, would LOVE to bring more oral into your bedroom.
Now, you may be thinking, "Why is it always about him?" or "How does this
help me?"
Here's how...
Women seek love and find themselves having sex.
Men seek sex and find themselves in love.
It doesn't matter how old your husband is.
It doesn't matter how long you've been married.

He thinks about giving and receiving oral.
And, he judges his love life and marriage (to some extent) on whether
he gets to give or receive it.
When he looks at other men, he compares himself, based on whether
he thinks that man is getting more oral.
When he looks at other women, he wonders if she is "oral."
If you want him to feel different and more positive about you and
your marriage, the quickest way to his heart ISN'T through his
stomach... it's through fulfilling his sexual needs and desires.

If you are willing to "make the first move" and demonstrate some
willingness and openness regarding oral, you'll be AMAZED at how
your husband starts to act differently... more attentive... more interested
in you, in general.