Eat Life!

While exercising last night, I thought about my younger sister. She, as most of us do, struggles with eating the right foods from day to day. If we had someone in our ear every day to hold us accountable for what we eat and drink, it might be easier for us to do the right thing. In my attempt to be my sister’s accountability nag, I often drop an email to her that simply says, “Eat Life!” In other words, eat foods that will help nourish and replenish your body. Eat foods that even the cellular level of your body will benefit from. The alternative to eating life is to eat death. Foods and beverages that taste yummy, but damage our organs and invite fatigue. Sometimes I hear chocolate yelling my name. Oh, food doesn’t talk to you? Well, I hear chocolate loud and clear and even when I satisfy my craving, it just keeps yelling my name. “LaVender! Eat me! More, more, more!” 

I try to remember my attitude, energy level, and progress is influenced by what I consume. Soda, chips, cookies, and bread, or apples, raisins, spinach, and water? We make a choice to eat life or death with every bite and every swallow we take. Thoughts of my sister reminded me of my body being a temple – holiness reigns in me! It’s easy to forget this with a plate of delicious food or addicting fast food in front of you. Holiness and trash do not mix! We probably wouldn't feel tired and need refueling by noon if we choose to eat life. We wouldn't reach the point of snapping if we choose to eat life. Even our spiritual life will awaken if we eat life. This is nothing new you're hearing, so just consider it as a reminder from your Monday morning accountability nag. EAT LIFE!