Look Into My Life

Within a couple of weeks, my second book will be in print. I may be judged and my spiritual walk may even be questioned, but I don’t care. The title of the book, Trash Thoughts, exposes some of my ungodly thoughts and the struggle I have keeping my thoughts in a place pleasing to God. For reasons unknown to me, God has called me to be an open book - literally. If my mess can help someone else, I’m available. 

A very special seasoned woman in my life, Betty Winters, wrote, “If she dares to be an example to the young woman, she must be vulnerable-willing to let a younger woman look into her life and learn from it.” The first time I read these words, they were life changing for me. I knew there was no time to be embarrassed about some of the ungodly choices I’ve made, my silly mistakes, my unkind words, and now my private thoughts. My thoughts, Lord? Really? 

As an older woman, it is my charge to be an example and share my spiritual journey. I must be willing to part my curtains and allow others to look into my life and learn from it. I haven’t always been saved and I don’t always act saved, but prayerfully you can learn something from my life. To those on the older woman journey with me, don’t be ashamed of your past or present circumstances; it’s all to give God glory. Share your mess and be a blessing. Unmask and share how God has given you the strength to endure a troubled marriage, feeling depressed, disobedient children, low self-esteem, financial woes, difficult relationships, trying toddlers, and spiritual emptiness to name a few. I’m not saying to go out and air all your dirty laundry, but when the opportunity presents itself to share, why not encourage, empower, enlighten, and be an example to the younger woman.  

Your life is a lesson!