Mr. Man

At 7:45 a.m., Saturday morning, I was in Walmart purchasing bottled water and ice to donate to Firstborn’s basketball team for a car wash fundraiser they were having. I completed my purchase and walked outside to the car. The man I was behind in the checkout line was standing next to his truck smoking a cigarette – our vehicles just happened to be parked next to each other. Good grief. Miss Flesh immediately became irritated; I didn't feel like talking. I hurriedly placed the ice and water bottles in the ice chest. Mr. Man says, “Looks like you’re getting ready to enjoy a fun day in the sun.” I replied, “Noooo, I’m on my way to a car wash and the car washer is in the car sleeping.” In other words, I’m not alone. Mr. Man continued to pry. He wanted to know why Firstborn was sleeping – I told him. He asked where the car wash was – I told him. As I answered each question, I questioned myself for talking to this stranger. Believe me, Miss Flesh wanted to ignore Mr. Man, but I'm working on being more polite to strangers. 

As children we're taught to not talk to strangers, but unfortunately I'm now a grown woman who says she loves Jesus. Mr. Man slowly walked over to me while reaching in his pocket. I prepared to protect myself and he said, “I don’t have much, but here is a donation for the car wash.” Relieved, I said, “God bless you! Thank you!” Funny, how I suddenly felt like talking. I thought Mr. Man wanted me! I sat in the car embarrassed and sorry for my unkind thoughts of Mr. Man. It’s good to be cautious, yet it’s better to be cautious in the Spirit of God. Miss Flesh almost blew it. I wasn’t ready for a test of my kindness so early in the morning, but I thank God for it. I also thank God for Mr. Man’s life lesson for me…be kind to strangers! God can work through anyone, for anything, at anytime. Thank you, Mr. Man!