Are You Covered?

Firstborn had his last football game Thursday and had to be at basketball practice at 6 a.m. this morning. I was pleasantly surprised to see him awake without my prompting. He plugged in the iron and I immediately questioned why he didn’t get his clothes ready the night before. Just as soon as those words came out of my mouth, I realized he was doing his best. Good grief, LaVender, give the boy a break! We got out of the house in time, prayed in the car, and we were on our way. No words were spoken on the drive (too early for him), but as he got out of the car I told him how proud I was of his initiative to get up and ready on time and we exchanged the fist bump. 

No one wants the voice of a nag in their ear first thing in the morning. I try so hard to send my husband and children off on a joyful note. Their entire day can be set up or set off by the words I speak. This is just one reason I awake early before my household stirs. Spending quiet time with the Master enables me to see the good in others and have more compassion. I need God’s Spirit to cover me before I interact with anyone. It makes a huge difference in my day when my mind is set on Him. It’s almost a guarantee to come in contact with someone having a bad day or a grumpy attitude. Their lack of peace doesn’t have to shake my peace! Their negative words don’t have to influence my thinking! Their actions don’t have to turn me into a nag or complainer! Yes, that precious time alone with God is my protection. Protection from others and protection from my Self! Ouch! Are you protected this morning? If not, steal away for a moment and get covered; it’ll help you find the good in all things!