The First Five

 I recently read a letter to the editor of my local paper from an upset grandfather.  The grandfather's words didn't settle well with me. Maybe it's just me, so help me out!

The grandfather was surprised with the requirements for his granddaughter to enter kindergarten.  Knowing ABCs, numbers, and basic keyboard functions were obviously prerequisites for this particular school at age five.  Uh...what's the problem? Giving consideration to the grandfather's assumed age, I can understand not knowing keyboard functions, but ABCs and numbers should definitely be known before entering school!

Expecting the school system to teach basic reading, writing, and arithmetic is setting the child up for failure! Not knowing these basics, prior to entering school, automatically puts the child behind the learning curve on the first day of school. It's already time for tutoring and catching up.  Studies say the brain is like a sponge those first five years, so why not teach the child something? Busy? Working? No patience? Working two jobs? Can't read yourself? Whatever the excuse reason, it's just not good enough. Unless the child has an unrecognized learning disability, they should be learning something.

FIVE years - FIVE! If the child doesn't know their ABCs, what have they been doing for FIVE years? Playing with Lego Building Blocks? Watching television? Watching Sesame Street? Maybe I should ask what has the parent done for the first FIVE precious years of the child's life? Hugs, kisses, walks, and play dates definitely have a place,  but learning has a place also. 

I'm sure I sound a little harsh and please remember I asked for help with this in the beginning of my post. Help me out! Should a child know their ABCs, numbers, and basic keyboard functions when entering kindergarten or first grade?