Hubby and I were talking and he said, " I wonder what 2012 will bring." I didn't answer because I didn't want to disturb his train of thought. I really don't care what 2012 brings. I'm doing all I can to focus on living my life to the fullest today - tomorrow will take care of itself. If you don't believe this, look back over 2011 and all you've been through. Look back over your life. Hey, you're still standing! Whether you're standing on one leg and barely holding up or standing strong as a tree, you're standing!

It's natural to hope for better days. The economy remains rocky. Those difficult people in our life are still hanging around. The bills continue to come, and as parents, we want better for our children. In spite of all our circumstances, we have to live our life to the fullest day by day. My assurance of the future is sealed with God's promise to never leave me or forsake me. He promised! God said I was more than a conqueror; I can do this! God also said all things work together for my good, so it doesn't matter what the situation looks like, what matters are God's promises to me. 

Whenever I begin to wonder about the future, I change my mental channel to the One who is in charge of the future - Almighty God. It doesn't matter what 2012 holds, I know who holds my future. God has a strategic plan for my life. My job is to stay connected to Him, to abide with Him, to trust Him, and to believe in His promises. 

This may be the last meditation of 2011, but it sure isn't the last of God's promises and mercies to me. Morning by morning new mercies I see - today, tomorrow, and the next year too! What will be, will be! 2012? Bring it on!