Find the GoOD in it

I have a friend who needs a kidney transplant, one who needs a heart transplant, one who recently found out her nervous system is out of whack, and one going through radiation treatments. These health issues are far more serious than the recent diagnosis of my severe nasal infection requiring surgery. My health issue doesn’t compare to waiting on an organ or another chance at life. Regardless of my many symptoms and discomfort, someone would love to swap health concerns with me. I try to remember things could always be worse – regardless of my circumstances. In every aspect of my life, I attempt to see not only the good in it, but I pray to see God in it. Self-centered may be my nature, but Christ-centered is my calling. Having a pity party may be my desire, yet prayer and praise is His will. Of course, I could ask for immediate healing, but going through this health storm will increase my faith, trust, and intimacy with my Heavenly Father, not to mention the wisdom and knowledge I’ll gain. 

Getting to know God on a higher level calls for a storm on a higher level. My storm is here. Have your way, Lord! My peace comes from knowing God is with me and knows what is best for me. I’m also reminded this situation is not all about me. My sons’ prayer life will strengthen as they watch mama go through this health storm. Hubby will also be touched as well as others walking through this storm with me. Who knows, you may be touched! Have your way, Lord! Hey, one good thing about this is I have a lot more writing material coming my way! Talk about finding the good! What are you going through today? What’s your financial, family, health, marriage, or career issue? Things could be worse! Ask God to help you see the good and the God in it, then watch your perspective change.