My Christmas Yes

I attended a charity event last night and several poets were on the program. One poet in particular shared a Christmas poem. He mentioned the poem was about the one person He thinks about during this season – his mother. I wasn’t expecting the poet to say his mother, but there is one mother every mother should consider during the Christmas season. The mother of all mothers is Mary, the mother of the baby boy who changed the world. When Mary was visited by the angel, she questioned God’s will for her life. Mary didn’t understand God’s unusual plan, but eventually went with the flow in spite of her reputation with friends, family, and her relationship with Joseph. Mary is an awesome example of submitting to God’s will even when it makes absolutely no sense to us. Mary gave God her yes. 

During this season of giving, I’m reminded, by this special mother, to give God my yes. I’m giving my yes to God’s plan for my life. I’m giving my yes to God’s will for my marriage, my sons, my career, my temple, my health, my finances, and every other area of my life. I may not understand or agree with God, but Mary didn’t either. I may question God, but so did Mary. I may even entertain a little fear, and I’m sure Mary did also before she decided to trust God and let Him have His way with her. What an awesome gift Mary gave God – her yes. 

This Christmas is different for me because of my new perspective. This is a time to rededicate my commitment to God by following Mary’s example and giving God my yes. There is no gift we can give God that compares to the gift He gave us – the gift of life, so why not re-gift His gift by giving God what He wants more than anything – a yes to His will and His way in and through the life He gave us. 

Merry Christmas!