Overprotective Mom or Just Crazy?

Secondborn about to board the school bus and mama taking pics from the car!

 I read a post this morning, which was written a while ago, but it's so on time for so many mothers. The post also reminded me of myself and made me feel NORMAL.

Firstborn attends school out of district, so every morning, I drive him to school. I love this time with him even when he doesn't feel like talking. On the other hand, Secondborn, rides the big yellow wagon. When he first started seventh grade, after being homeschooled, I would drive him to the bus stop and sit in the car until the bus came. I didn't notice any other parents around. Hmmm...how do the parents know their child is actually getting on the bus? Was I overacting? I eventually stopped and let Secondborn walk to the bus stop. It was very difficult for me at first. I had to remind myself that children all across America ride the school bus and before they get on the bus, they must wait for the bus AT THE BUS STOP! My goodness! I rode the school bus to school for years! What was my problem? Anyway, I read the below post, and like I said, I felt NORMAL!

It's so important for mothers to share their trials and triumphs in motherhood in order to help another mother.

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