I'm So Happy!

 Yesterday was my first day home since before Christmas. I was happy to get back on the road to my routine and recovery! I finally had my sinusitis surgery and although my surgeon mentioned I have a chronic disease, I was happy! My eyesight has improved, my sense of smell is returning, my energy level has sky rocketed, and I feel so good! I’m happy! For my religious friends not feeling comfortable with the word, happy, I do know the difference between circumstantial happiness, joy, and being blessed. Yes, the joy of the Lord is my strength! Yes, I’m beyond blessed! Yes, God is the source of my joy, and…. I’m happy! The Bible mentions the word, happy, in several scriptures in various versions of the Bible. It’s okay to be happy, and yesterday I was so happy while hubby drove home. The boys were in the back seat sleeping and snoring and I was having happy thoughts of my sisters and parents and the time we spent together. Although this isn’t the end of my health issue, I felt like I could have danced the entire trip home. I felt like Happy Feet, the movie! 

I remember sharing a moment in church with my mother many years ago. I can’t remember what holiday it was, but it was a small crowd sharing testimonies. One elderly woman stood up and began sharing her life. She suddenly raised her hands and began twirling around and around with her eyes shut, her slip showing, and her head in the air saying, “I’m so happy, I’m so happy, I’m so happy!” Mama and I still imitate this woman in our happy moments and today, I share with you…I’m so happy! It’s okay to be happy and express it!

After all, if you’ve got the nerve to wish someone a Happy New Year, you should first be happy yourself!