One Life!

I watched The Andy Griffith Show last night and smiled as I watched Ron Howard play his character, Opie Taylor. Opie is a grown man now and actually, he’s older than I am. It seems like little Opie grew up right before my eyes. Life is long, but at the same time, life is short. 

I think about my own life and it seems like yesterday I was Firstborn’s age. What happened to the years? They go by so fast and the older I get, the faster they fly. Unbelievable! I’m not as concerned about my life flying by as I am about my life being full. If it makes any sense, I want my life to be full of life. I want to grasp every waking moment and live my life with no regrets. I want my joy to be unspeakable and my peace to surpass all understanding. I want laughter to be my medicine. I want to take advantage of every opportunity. I want to learn to be comfortable outside of my comfort zone. I want to experience God on new levels and be aware of every breath I take. I don’t want to die with unwritten books in me, nor do I want to die with love I refused to share. Life! I only have one. The choices I make and the bad habits I refuse to break will eventually take a toll on my one life. My character and the company I keep will reveal many things about my one life. 

My life is a gift given to me by God…to live in abundance…a life full of life! My life should make a difference. My life should make an impact. My life should be lived on purpose. My life should be full of life! I have many days ahead of me, but I only have one life. What do you plan to do with your life? You only have one!