What's That Smell?

If I had to do without any of my five senses, it would be the sense of smell. I’ve mastered living without it for almost two years and realized I can function quite well with only four working senses.  Recently, while in my parent’s kitchen, I got a whiff of something. What’s that smell? It was Clorox in the dish water. Wow! What a nice welcome back into the world of odorants. A few minutes later, while preparing my oatmeal, I smelled the brown sugar and cinnamon I sprinkled on top.  Mmm…what a delightful smell. Still in the kitchen, I smelled something very familiar. What’s that smell? Oh my goodness! Is that Mama’s homemade peach cobbler with the thick, buttery crust? Heavenly! Thank you, Lord; I can smell again! I enjoyed smelling several other scents and then something very unusual happened. My two sons walked through the door and brushed by me. What’s that smell? Sniff…sniff….I felt like a dog trying to sniff out the object arresting my attention, but I couldn’t place the scent.  OH! I know what that smell is! It was the smell that reminded me exactly why I didn’t miss my sense of smell for almost two years. The smell knocked every sleeping sensory cell of my nasal cavity right back into full function. It was that dense, warm, musty, boy smell. You know, the smell young boys get when they’ve played outside all day long, only these boys were no longer young toddlers, but full blown teenagers. Multiply that musty scent by ten or more! Hey, I’m not complaining…I gotta take the good with the bad…the sweet with the stinky…the pleasurable smells with the funky smells. 
It’s all good – I think.