His Heart Was Stolen!

This is Firstborn....and his girlfriend. This is my baby...my first child. I'm having a difficult time watching him grow up. Actually, I'm the one that needs to grow up, huh? Oh well, say what you want to...I can only be honest about my feelings.

When did this happen? He's only 16 years old - he JUST turned sixteen last month. I swear I just changed his diaper! Well, it seems like it! Sixteen. I guess it's time for him to start thinking about girls, huh? Well, what about me? Can't he think about his mama? Sigh....

The girl? Well, she is cute as a button, smart as a whip, and she loves Firstborn. Sigh...He knew (she probably did also) I didn't care for the girlfriend word one bit. I didn't care for the word or her - I didn't really know her and didn't want to. I purposely avoided her.  Yes, I acted like a child. And?  It didn't seem like she was going anywhere, so I quickly realized I needed to put away the mean mama hat and show some love to Firstborn's heart. Sigh...it wasn't easy. It took prayer and I had to dig deep - reeeeeeeaaally deep. This is my baaaaaby!     

I finally officially met her and her mother, which made me feel a whole lot better. And guess what? See the gift bag in the left hand corner? It was her birthday, so I helped Firstborn put something nice together for her. I must admit...I had fun helping him. She's a sweet girl, so if my son's heart has been stolen, I better keep the thief close, right?
For all you mothers of toddlers.....THEY GROW UP! Did you hear me? THEY GROW UP!