Don't Act Ignorant!

Sunday morning, the title of my devotion was “How Could Someone Be So Ignorant?” It basically talked about how we ignorantly serve Jesus by doing what we think we should do and not allowing His Spirit to lead us. It mentioned we should serve according to the love chapter, Corinthians 13. I’ve read that chapter several times before, but read it again. After I finished, I walked down the hallway to wake the boys up. 

Firstborn wasn’t in his bed, so I woke Secondborn up and then went to the spare room to find Firstborn stretched out on the floor. After I noticed Firstborn, I noticed the empty candy box, cup, headphones, paper, game controllers, and a few other items surrounding him. I just stood for a minute dumbfounded because I thoroughly cleaned the room up the day before. I woke Firstborn up and went back to check on Secondborn. He was sitting on his bed. I asked him what he was doing and he said, “Sitting down.” I stared at him dumbfounded and he stared back without moving. I wondered why he wasn’t getting ready for church. 

Miss Flesh was getting a little agitated. Instead of saying a word to them, I went to sit down myself. I thought about the love chapter I read not even five minutes ago and prayed. Help me to show love, Lord. Help me to control my tone of voice. Help me to be Christ controlled and not Miss Flesh controlled. I walked back into their room and Secondborn was dressed. Thank you! Firstborn was up also, but left his mess in the room. I calmly said, “Please pick your mess up because I spent time cleaning that room up yesterday.” After he picked his mess up, I thanked him. Wow, that was easy! And to think, I wanted to fuss and activate ugly, early morning attitudes. How could I be so ignorant? Lord, help me show love and serve You in love in all situations.