Bold by Design

For the past week, the story of the woman with the issue of blood has been heavy on my mind. At midnight last night, I was still thinking about her. It wasn’t her faith that moved me, but her determination and perseverance to not give up. After bleeding for twelve years, she had to suffer from extreme fatigue. She had to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. She wasn’t allowed to be in public; she was considered unclean, but she went against all rules and did what was necessary - regardless of the consequences. She took a chance and went out in public. She wanted to get close enough to Jesus to touch only the hem of His garment. She was bold and Jesus acknowledged her, blessed her, and healed her.  I want to be like that woman – bold. Something within her wouldn’t let her stay home that day. She had to move. She had courage. She had tried everything, yet kept pressing forward. 

A struggling marriage, failing finances, difficult relationships, fluctuating weight, or even a challenging child are reasons to throw in the towel, but having a boldness to press on and persevere will bring about change! This woman followed her gut - her intuition - her spirit. What an example of a strong, bold woman! Sometimes, God will lead us to do things, which may make no sense to anyone else. Sometimes we may have to stand alone and go against the grain. Sometimes we need to forget about people and consider God’s plan and purpose for our life. Sometimes we just need to be BOLD in Jesus! I’m so happy this story is about a woman.  We have an extra ounce of grace and power within us to press forward – regardless of consequences and circumstances.  We may be pressed on all sides, but we press on! We are bold by design!

 Video is 6 minutes and well worth it!