Leading Lady

I’ve been dabbling in fiction writing lately and creating main characters is so exciting. I wondered what type of main character I would be in a book. What type of leading lady would I be in a movie or play? After letting my imagination run wild for a minute, I realized I AM the leading lady in a story…my story!  I looked back over my life, which has been full of drama, mystery, and especially comedy because I am extremely silly – at home. Then I wondered how the remaining story would play out.  What juicy scenes are in store for me? Will I come in on cue when I’m called or be missing in action?  Will I take center stage or allow fear to keep me behind the curtains?   

What about you? What kind of leading lady are you? It doesn’t matter what our height, weight, or social class is. What matters most is the essence of our character - the inner core of our being. If you aren’t sure of your character, ask the author…your Creator! He knows your part well; He wrote the script! It’s not just about playing the part, but it’s how well we play the part. Is our heart in each scene or are we going through the motions? Do we come across as genuine or phony? Each of us has a script written specifically and strategically just for us; no one else can play our part. We only get one shot at the leading lady role, so we better play the part with every fiber of our being. The scenes go by pretty fast, so pay attention – watch and pray! We may not get an Oscar when it’s all over, but if we stay in character and follow the script, we’ll get to hear our author say, “Well done my good and faithful servant, well done!”

New scenes begin today, so Happy Monday and break a leg!