See You In The Morning!

Hubby usually says goodnight before drifting off to sleep, but last night, he said, “See you in the morning.” Hmmm….he’s never said that before. I thought about his statement for a few seconds, then asked, “Will you?” I then said, “God willing, I’ll see you in the morning, too!” A children’s prayer came to mind and I’m sure you know it. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord, my soul to take. We either assume, believe, or hope we’ll awake the next morning, but we really don’t know. Numerous people died in their sleep last night and did not see this Monday morning. Years ago, my own step son died in his sleep. I don’t ever want to get so comfortable with living that I forget death is in my future – whether near or far. Just as sure as I was born, I will die.

 If this subject is too morbid for you, maybe you haven’t gotten to know death. Death should be like a family member, so when he knocks, we won’t be surprised to see him. He won’t be a stranger knocking at the door. My previous pastor in San Diego once said, death is like a football tackle - when you see it coming, you can brace yourself for the hit, but when it comes from behind, it knocks you off your feet. The subject of death shouldn’t be a sad subject, but should spark a fresh energy to appreciate and value life. It should stir thoughts to seize the moment, to live boldly and on purpose! With this being said, let’s stop talking about death and live our life! Let’s live today without reservation and thank God for Monday! And, if God is willing, I’ll see you on the next post!