Watch What Happens

I have a germ phobia when it comes to shaking hands, so I keep hand sanitizer with me, but yesterday I forgot it when I went to church. I didn’t want to hear how God’s blood can cover germs, just give me some sanitizer, please! I sat near a woman with a constant cough. Of course she coughed in her hands – both of them, and I knew I would eventually have to either shake or hold her hand while praying. I didn’t pray about this, nor did I get up to avoid her, I just waited to see what would happen. My thoughts of her germ infested hands were so loud; I’m surprised she didn’t hear each one. Maybe she did, because she amazingly took out a small bottle and poured a little of the contents into her hand. I was bold and asked if it was sanitizer. She said it was. THANK YOU, Jesus! I even asked for some. She then pulled out a Kleenex and coughed into the Kleenex. I was so relieved. 

The lesson for me in this crazy story? Nothing is too trivial for God. Maybe it is for your God, but my God cares about the very hairs on my head. If I care about every aspect of my children’s life, why wouldn’t God care about every aspect of mine? No part of my life is insignificant to God, nor does He pick and choose which parts to handle. I refuse to forfeit tender mercies by thinking God’s too busy to care about my minor matters. Aren’t all issues minor matters that we turn into mountains? I’m spoiled rotten by my God and as long as I’m obedient, I usually get my way. We treat our children the same way. God cares, so let Him have His way with you and watch what happens. Happy Monday!