Get Out The Way!

Firstborn is a full blown teenager. He eats, sleeps, and plays basketball. Recently, hubby gave Firstborn some yard work to complete before his basketball practice. He awoke early and started working, but I later found him back in the bed - sleeping. Knowing he had basketball practice, I let him sleep. He awoke fifteen minutes after practice started and quickly headed towards the door with car keys in hand. I asked if he finished his yard work, which I knew he had not. Low and behold, Firstborn was back in the yard working. Minutes later, he came in the house upset with tears in his eyes saying he was going to miss practice. Son, did you think you could do yard work in your sleep? I wanted to hug Firstborn and make his world okay, but instead, I was led to get out of the way. Firstborn’s self-induced dilemma created many life lessons for him. Disappointments, pain, and hard times are God’s unusual ways of drawing us closer to Him. 

Our friends and family will be placed in positions of testing to make choices; however, their predicaments aren’t our cue to play Miss Fix-it. Just as I wanted to rescue Firstborn, we want to play Savior, Deliverer, and Comforter. What we’re really doing is blocking God from working in their life. They won’t get to know His voice if we jump in and fix every problem. God wants to show how He’ll make a way! It was hard as nails watching Firstborn suffer. He missed practice, but completed his chores and learned valuable lessons. My baby was okay…and so was I. Watching loved ones fall is difficult, but falling in the hands of their Heavenly Father is the best place for them. As mothers and wives, it’s natural for us to fix problems, but let God have His way, by knowing when to intercede and when to get out the way!